Rekening Valas

At a Glance

Opening a foreign currency account is now easier, simply click on the application without having to come to the branch. With more than 10 foreign currencies, You can manage and receive funds anytime and anywhere according to Your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Save in more than 10 foreign currencies with competitive exchange rates and interest

  • No account fees and conversion fees

  • 24/7 access without going to branch

Product Risk

  • Your saving is insured by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) up to IDR2,000,000,000 (two billion rupiah) per Customer, or the applicable maximum guaranteed amount in the future, according to the IDIC Regulation.
  • If the ustomer receives a saving interest rate from a bank above the maximum insured limit set by IDIC from time to time, the saving will not be included in the IDIC's deposit insurance program, according to the IDIC Regulation.


Any charges to this Saving Account follow the terms and conditions of the applicable rates and fees.

How to Apply

If you do not have Digibank by DBS Application

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If you already have Digibank by DBS Application