Green Savings Account

At a Glance

Seamless contribution to social and environment

Automatic contribution deducted from the monthly interest earned from savings account.

Transparency on contribution reporting

Regular updates through email for funds distribution to curated social partners.

Convenience in transaction

Through branch/ATM/Phone Instruction/digibank by DBS Application.

Green Savings Account Description

Bank DBS Indonesia understands your aspirations for positive social and environmental impact. Once more we present the opportunity for Customers to actively participate in Creating Social Impact while growing wealth sustainably.

To simplify the process, a portion of the saving account’s interest rate will be directly deducted and allocated to 2 social entrepreneur partners currently collaborating with Green Savings Account.

  1. Tangan Pengharapan Foundation
    Providing support to ensure equal educational opportunities for children in all remote areas of Indonesia, as well as improving the quality and teaching techniques of the teachers.

    Creating a positive impact for its affiliated cacao farmers by raising their income above the Fairtrade Minimum Price and supporting sustainable cacao farming.

Product Risks

  • Your savings are insured by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS) up to IDR2,000,000,000 (two billion rupiah) per customer, or the applicable maximum guaranteed amount as determined by LPS in the future.

  • If Customer receives a savings interest rate above the maximum insured limit set by LPS from time to time or Customer's total deposits exceed the specified guarantee limit according to the LPS provisions, the savings will not be included in the LPS’s deposit insurance program.

Terms & Conditions

Click here for Green Savings account terms and conditions information.

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