Chubb Smart Travel Shield

At a Glance

COVID-19 extended coverage

Gain protection abroad.

Up to IDR 4 bio coverage

For overseas medical or hospitalization expenses in the event of illness or accidental injury.

24 hours travel assistance

Supporting you anytime and anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Chubb Smart Travel Shield provides comprehensive protection for your private trip, with your loved one or family, for both domestic and international trips.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Covers travel inconveniences and overseas medical expenses due to COVID-19.

  • Up to IDR 4 bio coverage for overseas medical or hospitalization expenses in the event of illness or accidental injury.

  • Up to IDR 35 mio coverage for Loss or Damage of Personal Property & Baggage.

  • Travel Delay up to IDR 1 mio/4 hour with Maximum Limit up to IDR 7 mio.

  • Covers loss or damage to home content up to IDR 50 mio due to burglary or fire during your trip period.

  • 24 hour travel assistance, anytime and anywhere.

Product Simulation:

Client A agree to purchase Chubb Smart Travel Shield product plan Ultimate for their individual international trip to cover 8 days period of travel with premium IDR 940k, then Client will receive benefits as follows:

  • Accidental Death and Disablement benefit up to IDR 2 bio/trip.

  • Medical Expenses due to accident or sickness up to IDR 4 bio/trip.

  • Travel Inconveniences such as:

    • Loss or damage of personal property and baggage up to IDR 2.5 bio.

    • Baggage delayed up to IDR 7 mio (IDR 1 mio for every 6 consecutive hours delay).

    • Travel cancellation up to IDR 60 mio.

    • Travel delayed up to IDR 7 mio (IDR 1 mio for every 4 consecutive hours delay).

  • And other benefits such as hospitalization benefit and travel curtailment due to COVID-19, home guard, personal liabilities, and car rental excess charges.

Find the Summary of Product and Service Information here.

How to Apply

I am aware that to obtain complete information and continue the purchasing process of Chubb Smart Travel Shield, I will be forwarded to the Chubb General Indonesia page. I give permission to Bank and/or Chubb to communicate for administrative purposes and services related to this product, but not limited to sending policy documents and any purpose with reference to the provisions of the applicable laws.


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The premium paid by the Insured includes the fee of service/return services to Bank DBS Indonesia of 30% (including tax) in the framework of Chubb Smart Travel Shield insurance products marketing.

All fees charged to customers will refer to policy provisions including but not limited to commission costs for  Bank DBS Indonesia.



The Insured is not entitled to the benefits of this policy if the risk that occurs is included in the policy exclusions, both in special exceptions and general exceptions. If the Insured provides incorrect or wrong information, then PT Chubb General Insurance Indonesia ("Chubb General") can reduce or decline the claims submitted. This obligation has been attached since Insured submits request for insurance closure up to period of coverage ends.


Chubb Smart Travel Shield is an insurance product published by Chubb General. This product is not a savings product at Bank DBS Indonesia and therefore does not contain any obligations and is not guaranteed by  Bank DBS Indonesia and is not included in the Government Insurance Program of Deposit Insurance Cooperation ("LPS").

Bank DBS Indonesia only acts as the party that referring this product where the use of logos and/or other attributes in the brochure or marketing documents is only a form of cooperation between Bank DBS Indonesia and Chubb General so it cannot be interpreted that this product is a product of Bank DBS Indonesia.

PT Bank DBS Indonesia and PT Chubb General Insurance Indonesia are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).