DepoSave Plus!

Grab the opportunity to get extra benefit from DepoSave Plus! DepoSave Plus! Gives you the benefit from fixed deposit package with saving account which after 2 months, the fund in the fixed deposit account will be use for investment in ORI (Retail Government Bonds).

This program is valid for limited time and available for 50 new customers only.

Have your saving of Rp 5 million and fixed deposit minimum Rp 50 million starting from August till 20 October 2015 and get an exclusive rate of Rp 7,10%* (gross p.a). The saving and deposit funds will be used to buy the Retail Government Bonds on its maturity date.

Promo Detail

General Info
FD Placement
FD Maturity Date
Min. Placement
Interest Rate
IDR   5,000,000
2 Months
Fixed Deposit
IDR   50,000,000
Placement until 5 Oct '15; Maturity Date 20 Oct '15
(min 2 weeks)
Fund will be used to purchase ORI products on 21st October
According to FD fund

The fund that place in ORI will follow the ORI amount placement. ORI Placement will be based on First Come First Serve (FD Placement Date) and maximum ORI quota set by MOF for DBSI

* Subject to change according to the placement date.

Terms and Condition:

  • Valid for 50 new customers only
  • Terms and Condition for Saving Account and Deposit are applicable for this product.
  • FD fund will be use to purchase ORI products.
  • Following ORI launching and ORI products' terms & conditions

Terms and Condition of ORI:

  • Indonesian citizen (WNI), age 17 years old above, and should have valid ID card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk)
  • Has his/her own account (single account) at PT Bank DBS Indonesia
  • Maximum placement is Rp 3,000,000,000.- (three billion rupiah) which accumulated for all ORI seller agent
  • Subject to a minimum holding period where ORI can be traded in secondary market the earliest after 2nd coupon payment or on December 15, 2015

PT Bank DBS Indonesia is registered and monitored by Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan - OJK)