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Our range of Capital Protected Fund products are managed by reputable Investment Managers and are included in the secured asset grade to ensure your safety.

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By investing in the Capital Protected Fund asset grade, you will get scheduled coupon payments.

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Features and benefits

Aside from saving, investing is a way to maximize your financial planning to have a promising future. If you prefer a medium-term investment and wish to gain higher returns than other traditional options, Capital Protected Fund (CPF) is the right choice for you.

So what is a Capital Protected Fund (CPF)?

Capital Protected Fund is a structured capital fund (not conventional) that protects 100% of the investor’s capital until its maturity. This kind of investment predominantly invests in debenture bonds.  

Characteristics of CPF:

  • Investment capital is 100% protected until its maturity, but it must be held until maturity.
  • Investment Managers will determine the investment term.
  • CPF has a special offer period and prospective investors can only buy it during the offer period.

Variety of Capital Protected Funds

  • Batavia Proteksi Maxima 20. Click here for further information.
  • Danareksa Proteksi 70. Click here for further information.

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