At a Glance

Short-term Investment Portfolio

Perfect for those looking for a short-term investment (under 1 year).

Receive principal on maturity

Providing liquidity of funds and creates wealth preservation.

High quality securities

You will be able to get Treasury Bills, Deposit Certification and commercial document.


To invest is one of the most effective ways to ensure an established future. From all kinds of investments, you may choose Money Market Fund, that comprises of short-term investments which last less than 1 year, representing high quality securities, liquid debt and monetary instruments - all for a low risk investment.


This type of investment suits you who wants to avoid risks and wants to find an alternative liquid investment. Money Market fund also offers a slightly higher profit potential than time deposits.


Invest in assets that is considered low risk, and can give higher potential return than time deposits, as well as the investment with no redemption and subscription fees.

Asset Compostion

100% Money Market
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