Green and Sustainable Trade Financing

Facilitating trade with financing solutions tailored to help promote sustainable development

Green and Sustainable Trade Financing

Facilitating trade with financing solutions tailored to help promote sustainable development

At a glance

As the global sustainability agenda continues gaining momentum, Green and Sustainable Trade Financing is one key way in which businesses can achieve their sustainability goals by implementing sustainable practices across their ecosystems and supply chains. 

With our deep insights into large corporations and SMEs in Asia together with our extensive digital capabilities to enable Corporate Sustainability, DBS is well positioned in helping clients explore sustainable finance solutions that go beyond traditional green or sustainability-linked instruments. 

Why use Green and Sustainable Trade Financing solutions?
ESG goals

Meet your ESG goals and get financing support for your renewable or sustainability-linked projects from bidding till contract fulfilment. 


Enable suppliers to access lower cost credit and improve stickiness and create more resilient and sustainable supply chains.

Digital tools

Access to best-in-class Digital tools (e.g. Instant payment APIs for payment immediacy, light touch Digital Onboarding for Financial Inclusion of Suppliers, traceability across value chain etc.) to support you in your Sustainability Efforts

NET ZERO carbon emissions

Leverage on existing DBS Group Sustainability initiatives to move towards NET ZERO carbon emissions

Our Suite of Green and Sustainable Trade Financing solutions

Green and Sustainability-Linked Documentary Trade

  • We issue Banker's Guarantee, Letters of Credit issuance and Confirmation to support the performance of and/or to mitigate payment risk of underlying projects or transactions that have a positive contribution to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. DBS’ Green guarantee products can be used to bid for renewable energy projects, for example. 
  • DBS’ excellent credit rating provides risk mitigation for the beneficiary and improves partnership between the applicant and the beneficiary and help meet the applicant’s ESG goals.
  • Get financing for your Trade – transactions and projects that comply with internationally recognised ESG standards or focus on achieving your company’s sustainability performance targets. 

Sustainable Supply Chain Financing

  • Enhance your cashflow whilst extending payment terms and enabling suppliers to access funds at lower costs
  • Rewarding and Motivating Your Suppliers to Meet Your Sustainability Requirements: Incentivize your suppliers to be ESG Compliant with joint sustainability linked KPIs where suppliers get a differential pricing upon meeting these targets.

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What is Green and Sustainable Trade Finance?

It is the financing of trade transactions where the use of funds has a positive impact on the environment or meet other sustainability-linked goals. 

Who can apply?

All DBS Corporate Customers are eligible to apply. Please reach out to your relationship manager to find out more. 

How can you apply?

For existing clients, please reach out to your relationship manager. 

If you are new to DBS and would like to find out more, complete the Contact Us form below.  

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