Process payments efficiently anywhere in the world


Process payments efficiently anywhere in the world

At a glance

Transfer funds securely and efficiently in Indonesia and anywhere in the world with our comprehensive range of remittance services to suit your business needs. 


Why choose DBS Remittances? 

Handle telegraphic transfer arrangements like TT, SKN and RTGS conveniently via DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform, or through one of our branches and with our partner banks. 
Save money with our competitive transaction fees, especially through DBS IDEAL.

Make local or international payments promptly with our extended cut-off times, available when using IDEAL, to help facilitate urgent payments. 



The National Clearing System (SKN) is an interbank payment and settlement system suitable for low value payments in Rupiah. This online system is convenient and time-saving. 



Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is the fastest way to transfer funds in Rupiah for high value payments. 



Real Time Online (RTOL) is the fastest way to transfer low value funds in Rupiah round the clock; 24x7 



Telegraphic transfers (TT) are transmitted via the SWIFT network or by Telex for more secure and faster transactions. 

Features & benefits

Wide Range of Payment Types

Wide range of supported payment types such as TT, SKN, RTGS, and Online Instant Payment (RTOL), as well as Account Transfer within DBS Accounts 


Facilitate Cross Border Payment

Specific DBS cross-border payment service named ‘PriorityPay’  


Competitive cut-off times

Competitive cut-off times for your payment requirements of any types 


Availability of Advanced Digital Channels

The availability of range of advanced digital channels to cater your payment needs; such as DBS IDEAL, RAPID as well as IDEAL CONNECT. 

Do I need a DBS Business Account to use outward remittances?

Yes, you will need to have a business account with us in order to use these services. If you do not have a business account with us, please call us at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) and we will arrange for a relationship manager to assist you. You may also visit our Business Account page for more information. 

What are your transaction fees for outward remittances?

We offer competitive pricing for transaction fees. 


SKN outgoing transaction 

Rp: 2.900  


RTGS outgoing transaction 

Rp: 30.000 


RTOL outgoing transaction 

Rp: 6.500 


TT outgoing transaction 

With Foreign Exchange 

Manual transaction: Telex USD 15 

Online banking: Telex USD 10 


With No Foreign Exchange 

Manual transaction: Telex USD 15 or its equivalent in other currencies 

Commission in-lieu 1/8% (minimum USD 10 and maximum USD 150) 

Online banking: Telex USD 10 or its equivalent in other currencies 

Commission in-lieu 1/8% (minimum USD 10 and maximum USD 100) 


You can enjoy preferential pricing when you transact via DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform. 

What is the latest cut-off time to submit my transaction requests with DBS?

Account Transfer 

Manual (all currencies): 14.00 

IDEAL™ (same currency) 24 x 7 / (different currency) 



Manual: 12.00  

IDEAL™: 15.30  



Manual: 13.00 

IDEAL™: 15.30 



RAPID: 24x7 



Manual: 12.00

DBS IDEAL: 14.00

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From overseas: +6221 2985 2800
In Indonesia: 1500327
Operating hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Mon - Fri (excluding PH)