Cash Concentration

Optimise your group cash balance through the automated movement of funds

Cash Concentration

Optimise your group cash balance through the automated movement of funds

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DBS’s innovative Cash Concentration liquidity management solution lets you earn higher yield and lower overdraft charges by allowing you to move funds automatically between accounts to achieve a zero or target balance set on each of your business’ sub accounts. 



Optimise working capital liquidity

Optimise your group cash balance and earn higher yields by investing your consolidated balance 


Maximise internal self-funding

Make consolidated idle cash available to sub-accounts as additional funding for payments


Real-time visibility of cash flow

Access real-time liquidity position, create alerts and view reports through DBS IDEAL, our online banking platform, for greater convenience

DBS Treasury Prism

DBS Treasury Prism is world's first online treasury and cash management simulation platform. Simulate cash management structures and identify the optimal solution for your business with a single click.

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Can DBS support Cash Concentration structures in different currencies?

Yes, we can support structures in different currencies. However, each structure can only consist of accounts of the same currency. 

What’s the difference between Notional Pooling and Cash Concentration?

Cash Concentration involves the physical movement of funds into a concentration account. There is no physical movement of funds for Notional Pooling, because account balances are notionally set-off. However, Cash Concentration creates inter-company loans, because there's physical movement of funds between accounts belonging to different companies. 

Can we do this on a regional basis?

Yes, we have regional liquidity management capabilities such as cross-border sweep and interest optimisation. However, the availability of liquidity management capabilities is subject to regulations in each country. 

Why are there surplus funds in my sub account at the end of the day when it was meant to have a zero balance?

Funds on hold in the sub-account are not available for use, and therefore can't be swept up to the master account. Common examples include GIRO collection transactions and cheque deposits, which are placed on hold until they are cleared the next business day. 

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