At a Glance

Coverage cost due to disasters

Cash benefit for your house up to IDR50,000,000 in the case of disasters.

Protection from any claims

Protection from risk of being sued for unintentional acts.

Cash benefit due to accidents

Personal protection for the insured from risk of accidents.


Features & Benefits

Home Guard Plus provides coverage against loss of or damage to your house and the property in the house through the provision of coverage up to IDR50,000,000, as well as various other accidental benefits. 
  • Up to IDR50,000,000 cash settlement per year for losses due to a disaster
  • Replacement of keys
  • General liability
  • Accidental breakage of glass
  • Up to IDR600,000,000 per year for accidental death & permanent total disability
  • Inpatient care due to an accident
  • Medical expenses due to an accident
  • Benefits for children
Client A agreed to purchase Plan 4 of the Home Guard Plus for personal needs, with a monthly premium of IDR400,000. The benefits that Client A receives are:
  • Up to IDR50,000,000 cash settlement per year, if your premises becomes temporarily uninhabitable because of any disasters stated in the insurance policy including fire, smoke, and lightning strike.
  • Up to IDR450,000 per year for replacement of keys, in the event of theft at the premises by forcible entry.
  • Up to IDR57,000,000 per year for personal legal liability, if held legally liable to pay compensation to third parties for accidental death, injury or accidental property damage.
  • Up to IDR1,700,000 per year for accidental breakage of glass in the house.
  • Up to IDR600,000,000 per year for accidental death or permanent total disability, paid to the beneficiary.
  • Up to IDR6,000,000 per year for medical expenses due to an accident.
  • Up to IDR600,000 per year as a in-patient care benefit due to accident per incident.

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