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Everyone comes with different aspirations in their productive age. Yet we hear a lot of stories about relatives or friends who have built a comfortable life with family or grew their business and investment without proper protection. Here are two stories for you to contemplate.

Story 1. Even the reliable needs something to rely on

You have ensured the best life for your loved ones, and you have always been the person they can rely on. Have you protected their comfortable life against all the unexpected risks?

Story 2. You can only gain what you protect

Your various aspirations include continuously growing business alongside your investments. Have you protected yourself from unexpected risks and ensured your aspirations to stay on track?

Prepare your financial needs in productive years

The stages of accumulating and growing wealth throughout productive years includes the formation of your family, increasing your financial needs. Preparing for these financial needs is vital so you can live with an edge to protect what you have built from the unexpected risks of life.

How much does it cost?


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MiTreasure Ultimate Protection can be the right solution to protect you and your family's financial aspirations from unexpected risks. Gain various benefits such as 100% investment allocation starting from the first year, flexibility to choose from more than 10 investment products for fund allocation, waiver of premium due to critical illness, as well as end-of-life and total permanent disability benefits. For more information on MiTreasure Ultimate Protection, click here.

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