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Principal reduction based on the saving balance

100% of your saving balance will be used to offset the principal in the calculation of interest of Home Ownership Loan (KPR) up to 70% of your KPR balance.

Pay your mortgage off faster

The portion of interest in your monthly installment gets smaller overtime, so that you can pay off your mortgage faster.

Flexibility in using your savings funds

Your saving funds may be used as you wish

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Features & Benefits

DBS Home Loan Offset is the right solution which can help you own your dream home. Enjoy 0% interest rate by adding to your savings account, a maximum of 70% your balance. Pay off your mortgage faster, as the principal portion in your installment gets larger. 
It is also available for refinancing (DBS Home Maxi Offset)


General Requirements:

  • Indonesian
  • Individual
  • Employee, self-employee or professional.
  • Minimum age of 21.
  • Maximum age of 55 for employees or 65 for self-employee and professional.

Required Documents:

Personal Documents

Collateral Documents

Form of Application

Copy of Right of Ownership/Building Rights Certificate

Copy of applicant ID Card/Passport

Copy of Building Permit

Copy of spouse ID Card/Passport

Copy of latest Land and Building Tax

Copy of Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificate (if any)


Copy of Family Card


Copy of Prenuptial Agreement (if any)


Copy of Declaration of Name Change (if any)


Copy of yearly Taxpayer’s Identification Number/Annual Tax Report


Documents for Employee

Documents for Self-Employee/Professional

Copy of last 3 months payslip

Copy of Trade License/Company Registration Certificate/Certificate of Domicile /Other Business Certificate

Copy of Bank Statement/Savings/Deposits for the last 3 months

Copy of Deed of Establishment

Certificate of Employment

Copy of the company’s Taxpayer Identification Number


Copy of the company’s Bank Statement/Savings/Deposits for the last 3 months


Copy of Professional License (professional only)



Rates & Fees

Costs related to DBS Home Loan Offset/DBS Home Maxi Offset:


Cost Type

Estimated Cost

Interest Rate Fee

Fixed rate will be applied according to the existing program. After fixed rate period, the prevailing interest rate is floating rate of 12.5% p.a. effective. For ex-ANZ debtors, floating rate will follow the terms of Credit Agreement

Credit Administration Fee

Credit limit < IDR1,000,000,000.- (one billion rupiah) = IDR500,000.- (five hundred thousand rupiah)


Credit limit > IDR1,000,000,000.- (one billion rupiah) = IDR1,000,000.- (one million rupiah)

Account Administration Fee

According to provision of products

First Year Annual Fee

1% from credit limit

Second Year Onwards Annual Fee

IDR50,000.- (fifty thousand rupiah)

Appraisal Cost (paid at the loan application submission)

IDR1,320,000.- (one million, three hundred twenty thousand rupiah)

Life Insurance Fee

As per the provisions of the insurance company partner Bank

Fire Insurance Fee

As per the provisions of the insurance company partner Bank

Notary Fee:

Credit Agreement

Mortgage Deed/Charge Over Account

Check Certificate


Tax Validation

Non-Tax Revenue

As per the provisions of Bank’s partner notary.

Early repayment penalty (if done within minimum loan tenor)

2% of the paid loan

Early repayment administration fee

Partial repayment of min. IDR50,000,000.- (fifty million rupiah) = IDR500,000.- (five hundred thousand rupiah)

Full repayment = IDR1,000,000.- (one million rupiah)

Late fee

0,15% per day

Document storage costs when if collateral documents are not taken 1 month after facilities settlement

Depends on the daily rental fee of DBS Safe Deposit Box (SDB) which can be seen at DBSI Branches

Legal Stamp Duty

Transaction amount between IDR250,000.- (two hundred fifty thousand rupiah) - IDR1,000,000.- (one million rupiah) = IDR3,000.- (three thousand rupiah)

Transactions above IDR1,000,000.- = IDR6,000.- (six thousand rupiah)

The costs above are paid after the loan application is approved, unless stated otherwise.

Please make sure there is a sufficient fund in your banking account to make the payment of loan installments on the due date. If the available fund is insufficient for the payment of the installment, the outstanding installment of the loan will be accumulated into the remaining principal.

How to Apply

Should you need more information, contact our Relationship Manager,

Locate us Or visit us at the nearest DBS branch in your town.

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