BNP Paribas Greater China Equity Syariah USD

At a Glance

Offshore Equities

Mutual fund product that allocate its underlying >51% into offshore securities that complies with sharia principles, with investment strategy focus in China.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversification for your domestic investment portfolio.

Strategi Investasi

BNP Paribas Greater China Equity Sharia USD aims to provide potential long-term investment growth through the majority of investment in Offshore Sharia-based equity fund that meets the Sharia Principle in the Capital Market and complies with the Investment Policy in US Dollars.

Investment Strategy

BNP Paribas Greater China Equity Syariah USD has an investment strategy that focuses in companies established in China or other countries that have direct or indirect business exposure in China, and traded within and / or outside China in accordance with Sharia Principle and embedded ESG filter.

How to Buy BNP Paribas Greater China Syariah USD?

  • Minimum purchase of USD 10,000 for the first time and USD 10 for the next purchase.
  • The first purchase should be through Bank DBS Indonesia branch.
  • Transaction on every bourse day.