Foreign Exchange

FX Time Option Forward

Mitigate your forex volatility risk in a more flexible way

Hedge against exchange rate volatility and protect your business with DBS FX Time Option Forwards. An FX time option forward fixes the exchange rate between two currencies for an agreed period of time, whether it’s days, months or years. You can utilise the rate at any given time before the option ends, regardless of the prevailing market rate on that day.


For example, if you receive payments in USD that need to be converted to IDR, you stand to lose money if the USD depreciates. However, with an FX time option forward, you are able to lock in an agreed rate, and have the flexibility to sell your USD at the agreed rate whenever you want during an agreed period of time, thereby reducing the risk or FX impact to your bottom line.


Why choose DBS FX Time Option Forward?

  • Leverage our expertise and award-winning services, which make us one of the best FX houses in Asia.In 2012, DBS was named the Best FX Bank in Indonesia by Global Finance
  • Enjoy competitive pricing due to our market leader position and extensive network
  • Stay informed of the latest market developments with insights from more than 100 DBS research analysts in Asia
  • Identify and hedge against the potential risks you face when doing business overseas with strategic advice from our dedicated SME advisory sales team


How competitive is the pricing of DBS FX products compared with other banks?

Being one of the leading banks in Asia, DBS is perfectly placed to help deliver the best possible pricing available to you. We not only strive to remain competitive, but to actually lead the market.

How does DBS update SME customers on current FX rates and market trends?

Our Economic Research Team produces a daily breakfast summary of the latest market trends, updates and FX rates.


How do I apply?

Please call us at +62 21 2988 4000 and we will arrange for a treasury specialist to speak with you.

Best FX Bank in Indonesia, 2013, Global Finance

Best FX Bank in Indonesia, 2013, Global Finance

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