Express Loan

Revolving Credit Facility

Access additional funds at your own convenience

Enjoy steady access to funding and free up cash that can be invested back into the business to help you grow. With the DBS Revolving Credit Facility, you decide how much you want to withdraw from your loan at any given time, offering you greater flexibility. The entire loan amount remains at your disposal until the due date, which means you can continue to make withdrawals at your convenience.


Why choose a DBS Revolving Credit Facility?

  • Build your business by freeing up funds and working capital that can be invested in the business
  • Access additional funds when you need them most, thus improving your cash flow
  • Manage your costs easily. You only incur interest charges on the outstanding loan amount
  • Benefit from simple drawdown requirements, which can be arranged by submitting a simple request


Why should I use a Revolving Credit Facility?
A Revolving Credit Facility helps raise working capital in order to ease your cash flow or cover additional seasonal expenditure, thereby facilitating new opportunities for your business to expand.
How do I request for a loan rollover?
You can request a loan rollover simply by submitting the DBS standard form for loan rollover, however do note that you have to repay the interest on the amount that will be rolled over.


How do I apply?

Simply apply here or call our DBS Indonesia Customer Centre at 1500 327 or 69 327 (if using a mobile phone) or visit one of our branches and our Relationship Managers will assist you with your application.

You may need to provide the following supporting documents where necessary:

  • Your Basic Information
  • Purpose of credit facility
  • Financial statement
  • Copies of bank statement
  • Appraisal report
  • Legal documents, like Deed of Establishment, Company Registration information, Business Licenses, Work contracts
  • Collateral documents