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How to Use digibank QRIS


What is QRIS and what are its benefits?

QRIS (QR Code Indonesian Standard) is one of payment methods that you can do by scanning QR code provided by merchant with QRIS logo. QRIS is fast and hassle-free. Wait no longer, try QRIS now in your digibank App by DBS.

How to use QRIS? 

Steps below: 

  1. Click QRIS icon on login or dashboard or Transfer page of digibank App by DBS.

  2. Scan QRIS code.

  3. Click Konfirmasi and enter password.

What is the maximum transaction limit using QRIS?

Currently, the transaction limit for payments via QRIS is IDR 10 million per transaction. This amount also includes the amount of the tip you give.

What is the minimum transaction amount using QRIS?

If the nominal is not specified by the merchant in the QR code, then you can make payments starting from IDR 1,000 (one thousand rupiah). However, if there is a nominal that has been determined by the merchant in the QR code, you must pay the nominal that has been determined by the merchant.

Is there a fee for QRIS transactions?

There are no additional fees for payment transactions via QRIS.

How long is the service time to use QRIS?

Now you can transact using QRIS via the digibank by DBS Application, 24/7.

Do I have to give access to the Gallery and Camera on my smartphone to scan the QR code?

Yes, we need permission to gain access to your device's gallery and camera. When you see the pop-up, click OK to grant access so you can scan the QR code directly from the camera or upload it from your device gallery.

Can I generate the QR code for transfers?

Presently we haven't generated a QR code for transfers, but you can scan the QR code at merchants with the QRIS logo to make payments.

Do I have to enter a tip for every QRIS transaction?

Not always. This depends on what has been set by the merchant in the QR code. If the merchant doesn't require a tip, then you can continue processing the transaction without tipping. You can also see tips on the words "Optional" on the available screen.

What if the QRIS transaction fails but the balance has been deducted?

If you experience this or need assistance, please contact the receiving Bank or contact our DBSI Customer Centre at 1500 327 or +6221 29852888 (from outside Indonesia) - only used to receive Client calls.

What is meant by status in progress on QRIS transaction?

The in-progress status on QRIS transaction occurs when Bank DBS does not receive a response from the recipient. If the final status of transaction is successful, Bank DBS will send a notification via email to the customers. If the transaction fails, the funds will be refunded to the customer’s account.

In progress transaction that have been successfully proceed with other payment method?

You can process a transaction dispute through digibank by DBS Application with this link:

Terms & Conditions

digibank QRIS Terms & Conditions
  1. digibank QRIS is a payment feature by scanning the QRIS code (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) provided by merchants, with the aim that payments can be made faster, easier, and safer.

  2. Payment using digibank QRIS, can be made in the digibank by DBS Application by scanning the QRIS code directly through the cellphone camera or by uploading the QRIS code from the cellphone photo gallery.

  3. These payments do not include transfers between accounts and are limited to merchants bearing the QRIS logo.

  4. In relation with payments using digibank QRIS via the digibank by DBS Application, the user understands and agrees to the following:

    1. The limit per Transaction has been determined by the Indonesian payment system industry and can be changed by the Bank at any time, in accordance with applicable regulations.

    2. The bank forwards the information received via the scanned QRIS code and the user will be asked to enter details of the payment amount if the payment amount has not been determined by the merchant. In the amount of payment that has been entered and determined by the merchant, the user needs to check the correct nominal and confirm to continue the transaction.

    3. If the tip has been determined by the merchant as mandatory, the user must also agree to the nominal tip listed.

    4. For each payment transaction, the Bank will check the scanned QRIS code to ensure that the QRIS code meets the standards set by the Indonesian payment system industry, but the Bank is not responsible for any loss, error, or incorrect payment in connection with user accounts that may arise/suffered by the user if the information provided by the merchant turns out to be inaccurate/incorrect.

    5. If an error occurs, the user is expected to contact the merchant, to file a complaint or start the refund process. The refund process can only be carried out if the merchant has agreed to carry out the refund process. The refund amount will be subject to the merchant's policy.