As a form of commitment in providing comfort and security, PT Bank DBS Indonesia (the “Bank”) provides convenience to customers in submitting complaints regarding transaction dispute through digibank by DBS Application.

If you need to report a transaction dispute, please follow these instructions below:

  1. Open the digibank by DBS Application and select “Lainnya”. In “Bantuan” section, select “Sanggahan Transaksi” or you can search for “Sanggahan Transaksi” in the search bar
  2. Select and enter the required detail of your transaction dispute which includes:
    1. Type of Transaction
    2. Date of Occurred Transaction
    3. Transaction Amount
    4. Transaction Reference Number
    5. Account Number
    If all the information is filled in, press “lanjut”.
  3. In this section, provide more details about the incident. For example: the location of the incident, the conditions that caused it to happen, etc. Then, tap “SEND”.

Your report has been received to be processed. You will be followed up within 5-10 working days. A confirmation and report number will be sent to your email address which registered in digibank by DBS Application.

A transaction dispute form shall be sent to your email to be filled, or you can download Affidavit Form Kartu Kredit  / Affidavit Form Kartu Debit. Once completed, send the form along with proof of transaction and ID card to


Transaction Dispute


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