Always Secure and Avoid Scams with These Tips

Tips for Secure Transaction:

  1. Change your PIN regularly and avoid using PINs that are common (such as date of birth), repeated numbers or characters, and have been used on other platforms.
  2. Check transactions periodically through digibank by DBS Application to always be aware of any suspicious transaction.
  3. Immediately update your personal data to the Bank if there are changes through our Customer Centre, nearest branch or digibank by DBS Application. Banks require accurate customer data to send OTP codes, transaction notifications, and other banking information.
  4. Do not share your OTP codes and other personal data to anyone including those claiming to be Bank employees. PT Bank DBS Indonesia (Bank) never asks for Customer's personal data such as OTP code, PIN, or Password via e-mail, SMS, telephone, or any social media including for transaction cancellation.
  5. Always be alert when receiving information on behalf of PT Bank DBS Indonesia. These are Bank’s official communication media:
    • Facebook: DBS and digibank by DBS
    • Instagram: @dbsbankid dan @digibankid
    • Youtube: DBS Indonesia
    • DBSI Customer Centre number 0804 1500 327 or 
      +6221 29852888 (overseas) are solely for receiving incoming calls

    Contact DBSI Customer Center via the following contacts if you find anything suspicious:

    • Call Center: 0804 1500 327 or +6221 29852888 (from outside Indonesia)
    • digibank Application by DBS: Live Chat 24/7

Additional Tips for Secure Online Transaction:

  1. Make sure your transaction connection is secure and using encrypted website where the address starts with "https" and not "http".
  2. Make sure to access a safe internet network when making online transactions and avoid using public Wi-Fi due to the low level of security.
  3. Avoid accessing your digibank account or transacting using a device that is not yours. Use personal devices when transacting to reduce the risk of data theft.
  4. Periodically, you will be notified to update the Application. Make sure you update the digibank by DBS Application to improve services, features and application security systems.
  5. Always be aware on text messages and e-mails you receive. Do not access links or attachments that you consider suspicious.