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    Do you know the New Retirement Age According to the PP 21/2014?
    Has been applied for 21 years terakhir (PER. 02 / MEN / 1993) the retirement age is years. While the retirement age of civil servants to be: 65 years to functional principal investigators, 60 years for major functional expert / intermediate and 58 years of office admin.
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    Do You Own Pension Plan Supplement (optional) based on age and gender?
    By gender: For as much as 14% of men and 86% had had none. For Women has as much as 16% and 83% do not have. While based on age: less than 35 years 14% own and as many as 86% do not yet have. The age range of 35-49 years by 15% already have and 84% do not yet have. And the age of 50 years by 15% already have and 85% do not yet have.
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    Fact About Marital Status
    9 out of 10 women rely on their partner and 60% of women whose husbands die, lowering the standard of living to offset the rise in the price level needs. (BPS; 2012)
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    Fact About Dependent
    Financial worries in retirement: 78% are able to leave a legacy to children
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    monthly income ?
    Do You Know How to Achieve Financial Goals?
    How to achieve financial goals is a 77% saving on a regular basis, an additional 51% working, 48% reducing expenditure, 18% purchase investment products. Set aside funds of at least 10% of your income each month, and do ruitn every month.
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