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    Do you know the New Retirement Age According to the PP 21/2014?
    Has been applied for the last 21 years (PER. 02 / MEN / 1993) the retirement age is years. While the retirement age of civil servants to be: 65 years to functional principal investigators, 60 years for major functional expert / intermediate and 58 years of office admin.
  • How much is your current saving and investment?
    Do you know what the best way to protect your money from genesis unexpected ?
    72% have deposits are large in savings or deposit, 67% investing in gold, 44% buy insurance, 40% investments in property, 9% requesting financial assistance to friends or relatives, 6% borrowing money from a bank or credit provider, 2% lnvestments in mutual funds.
  • Estimated monthly income ?
    Did you know about asset allocation ?
    According to the survey, usually the asset allocation of 37% cash on savings, 25% residential, 15% insurance, 14% other, 9% other property investments.
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